Hospital Management System

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Best Hospital Management System(HMS) Software Development Company in Bihar

A hospital management system is a mainframe or network-based system that simplifies the management of the hospital or any medical facility. The ERP software will make whole functions clickable or paperless. Typical Hospital Management Systems integrate convalescent and inpatient management, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, inventory, online scheduling, secure messaging, dietary, alert system, lab machines and biometric integration, HL7/Integrated PACS, analytics, etc. into particular software.

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Nowadays Hospital industries changing rapidly , Everthing comes to online presence Pixel Flame is providing advanced services with cutting edge in this sector of healthcare in the form of Hospital Management System. Do you have plan to develop HMS software. free to contact us. we are here to support You.

Major Key features are:

  • Multiuser account system
  • Monitoring the whole hospital system
  • Management of all type of user's account
  • Notice Board
  • Appointment Management
  • View Appointments
  • Notifications
  • Medical History
  • Invoice Management
  • Medical Report Management
  • Internal Communication
  • Responsive User Interfaces

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