Local SEO

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Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website (and its content) for optimal visibility in the search results when a local-intent based search occurs.

In fact, you’re already pretty familiar with local SEO…

Imagine this: You’re in the market for a new widget, so you pull out your phone and search “widgets near me.”

Boom! In a microsecond, Google will do a million things all at once including: pulling historical data, checking cookies, looking at personalization factors, determining your location based on IP, Wi-Fi or GPS data… and oh yeah, they’ll also use their totally awesome algorithm to understand the intent behind your search query, “widgets near me.”

Then, in a blink of an eye… A search results page appears! You instinctively click the top result and find a local seller of widgets. Conveniently. Near. You.

…and that my friend, is the magic of local SEO. It’s all about providing the necessary information to Google (and other search engines) to match your local business to people searching for the products and services you offer at the exact moment they’re searching for it.

How Local Search Works

Local search success involves many factors; two of which are Pigeon and Possum—major Google algorithm changes that dramatically impacted local search results.

Understanding the local search market and how algorithm changes like these can impact businesses like yours is what our team thrives on. We’ve been through these changes; we know what local search was like before, during and after the implementation of these updates and revisions. So, consider us the perfect zookeepers—or animal control experts—to find your business local search success

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