Traditional Marketing

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Traditional Marketing

You wouldn't be the first small business owner to use the words "marketing" and "advertising" interchangeably. But you really shouldn't. Your marketing team may not correct you, but think of marketing as including all the activities you must marshal to promote and sell your product or service; advertising is just one of these activities, and you must always pay for it.

Print marketing is the oldest form of traditional marketing. Loosely defined as advertising in paper form, this strategy has been in use since ancient times, when Egyptians created sales messages and wall posters on papyrus. Today, print marketing usually refers to advertising space in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials intended for distribution.

Direct mail marketing uses printed material like postcards, brochures, letters, catalogs, and fliers sent through postal mail to attract consumers. One of the earliest and most well-known examples of direct mail is the Sears Catalog, which was first mailed to consumers in 1888. (See also Direct Mail Marketing)

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